The range of illegal activities and crimes on the internet is huge and extends from fraud through arms trafficking as well as drug dealing, to attacks, phishing of personal access data, credit card information, and network intrusions.

Cybercrime can have many faces and because of the constantly growing globalisation it is increasingly becoming an issue. Annualy millions of damages are caused in Austria, only in 2016 there were 13103 reports of cybercrimes, however the number of unreported cases may be significantly higher.

Due to modern social media communication frequently even young people fall victim to cybercrime, since the attack scenarios are becoming technically more and more sophisticated.
Our IT and cybercrime professionals with their know-how and their long-term experience are definitely the right contact!

  • prevention                 
  • fraudulent representation
  • identity theft             
  • espionage                 
  • skimming / phishing
  • information theft
  • sabotage
  • osocial engineering